Reference 2D-structures

Classical TS

From the secondary cloverleaf structure to the tertiary L-shaped structure of classical tRNAs
Nomenclature of domains is recalled and positions of nucleotides are numbered according to conventional rules (Sprinzl et al., 1998). Notice especially numbering in the D- loop where the two conserved G residues are always referred to as G18 and G19. Variation in size of this loop is very frequent and additional nucleotides are indicated as 17:a, 17:b, ... or 20:a, 20:b, etc. The number of nucleotides forming the Variable region goes from 3 to more than 20 with additional nucleotides referred to as 47:a, 47:b, etc. Conserved nucleotides in the cloverleaf are given and their involvement in tertiary interactions leading to the L-shaped structure indicated by thin lines. Y stands for pyrimidine, R for purine,Psy for pseudouridine